Zeusminer Blizzard 6Mh

Zeusminer Blizzard 6Mh

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  • What: Litecoin is open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with limited release
  • When: This is preorder ,worldwide delivery starts at end of Q2, 2014
  • Why: This the Very first Zuivere Scrypt ASIC Miner to ship te the world
  • Who: From individual to a mining farm possessor
  • How: Super effortless configuration and deployment

Blessed Hacking! Glad Mining!

Mining joy for everyone.Sharing the joy of LiteCoin, DogeCoin and other scrypt based alt-coin mining with everyone.

  • Affordable and handy device for everyone
  • Pocket sized
  • Quiet operation
  • Power adapter is included
  • invoer duty and taxes may apply
  • Pre-order is refundable
  • Limited Supply: the earlier you order, the eariier wij ship
  • Worldwide delivery commencing end of Q2,2014
  • Worldwide free shipping

ZeusMiner should be the very first one to ship to general public, meaning you get several months ahead of people who ordered others. Also, ZeusMiner is best all-around if vertoning and price is worried. At only USD$0.Trio vanaf Kh/s scrypt proof-of-work hashing power and power consumption spil low spil 10W vanaf Mh/s.

Wij now have released two types of products and packages.

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited is a professional IC vormgeving rigid. Our operation centers are located ter California, USA and Hong Kong.

With our prior success with BitCoin (SHA-256) ASIC chips and competition heating up, wij determined to shift our concentrate to Scrypt ASIC chips ter 2013. ZeusMiner is born solely for the purpose of promoting scrypt based crypto-currency mining.

ZeusMiner is most likely the very first one to ship (shipping starts end of Q2, 2014) to general public at a price/spectacle superior to other announced.

What is Scrypt ASIC Miner?

An ASIC (stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is a chip designed specifically to do one thing and one thing only. Scrypt ASIC miner is designed to do scrypt proof-of-work algorithm such spil LiteCoin and DogeCoin. Since the miner is built around only for such purpose, at same power consumption level, ZeusMiner is able to provide 100 times increase ter hashing power compared to all the previous technologies (like GPU and FPGA). Oh, have you also heard that using GPU for mining usually kills GPU te just a matter of months?

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