Read Why People Are Providing Reason Donations spil Large spil $75, 000 ter Bitcoin! Klapper – Run

Read Why People Are Giving Reason Donations as Large as $75, 000 in Bitcoin! Hit - Run

Read Why People Are Providing Reason Donations spil Large spil $75,000 ter Bitcoin!

Notes from pleased and/or snarky customers, and a last-ditch attempt to loosen some of your crypto-riches!

Reason Spil Nick Gillespie reported this morning, Reason’s annual webathon, te which wij spend a week rattling the virtual cup te order to produce fatter and better libertarian journalism and commentary te 2018, straight up went HAM yesterday, clocking more money ter 24 hours than wij’ve registered for the entire weeks te all but two previous webathons. And yet I daresay he buried the lede. And that is this:

Yesterday, some amazingly generous donor who shall remain nameless talent the Reason Foundation $75,000 worth of Bitcoin!

Holy simoleons, wij knew that there were some elusive Bitcoin billionaires hiding among us, but no one wasgoed fairly ready to see such a large pot of better-than-gold at the end of the blockchain. So a big thank-you to our benevolent Capt. Crypto, and one last challenge to all of you watching your private currency stash appreciate by the 2nd:

To help you on this last 12-hour thrust, here are some selected comments from the 1,100 or so of you who have already helped make this the most successful webathon ter Reason history. Spil you can see, our most loyal customers are a funny bunch, and do not timid away from telling us blunt truths:

REASON Tv-programma is the most significant American outlet for defending free markets, individual, inalienable rights, and the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence through the medium of print/movie journalism. I have learned a good overeenkomst from all of your contributors, editors, and John Stossel. I wouldn’t have found Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, or this tv-programma without Stossel. Thanks for defending freedom!

More articles that can be usefully collective with non libertarians and less choir-preaching, please.

Lots of organizations to consider contributing to. Reason is on the top.


I won’t have a private lunch with kmw unless my wifey or Mike Pence is also present. 🙂

I very first heard about Reason around 2000 or so from a libertarian friend who had a “giant man-crush on that Nick Gillespie boy,” which seems to be common. Thank you for being so slim and sultry.

Please give Katherine hier own podcast already! It’ll keep mij from having to fast-forward past the ramblings of the old guys every week.

Webathon pop-ups crack NAP

Keep up the good work. Reason is an significant voice showcasing that there are more options than just uninspired and identitarian left or right dogma.

Thank you for the podcast. It is like Chapo Traphouse except actually informative.

Meh? Will it matter?

Reason I’m donating this despite the fact that you rejected my freelance article about hip-hop and libertarianism. The words “thicker man” come to mind.

Thank you for educating and inspiring the junior generation. The future of our country depends on them.

I’m a liberal and have bot going to on a regular onderstel to be informed. Sometimes I agree with what Reason has to say and other times I don’t but on the entire I appreciate Reason’s voice. So this donation is to keep helping you out. Hope you don’t feel icky getting money from us liberal folk.

Thanks for cutting back on the culture war shit.

Keep up the good work on Title IX and campus sexual onslaught allegations.

I still want to keep up my $50/month donation. I just dreamed to add an toegevoegd $100 to the pot. Keep up the good work!

Mangu-Ward had the persuading argument: the positive influence Reason has outside Thesis States, where libertarian parties are banned, magazines are censored and the conditions of life are suicidal. Bounty subscriptions are also going out.

Thank you for your non-partisan take on current affairs and for standing up for individual liberty.

Truly love everything that you do, even when I am not ter agreement. Andrew Heaton has bot terrific. Waited until late te the webathon only because Matt Welch wasgoed pushing for people to attempt to be very first. 🙂

Wij at Reason are so honored to be the targets of your donations, encouragements, and criticisms! Wij’re into the final homestretch, people, so you know what to do.

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