ESP8266 BTC Price ticker with OLED display

ESP8266 BTC Price ticker with OLED display

Summary: Wij can do better

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        Cryptocurrency Hardware Projects

        Blockchain, hardware wallets, tickers, miners, and all things cryptocurrency hardware and software

        This project wasgoed created on 07/13/2016 and last updated Four months ago.


        I&apos,m leisurely improving this project, I&apos,ve got numerous currencies working and a few other improvements, but there&apos,s a long running bug te NodeMCU firmware which cracks HTTPS requests, and I wasgoed waiting for it to be resolved. Ter the mean time, there&apos,s a workaround, so if anyone wants to test the fresh version, get ter touch.



        x-lua – 1.09 kB – 03/25/2017 at 11:09


        x-lua – 772.00 bytes – 03/25/2017 at 11:08


        x-lua – 195.00 bytes – 07/13/2016 at 08:26


        • 1 ? NodeMCU ESP8266 houtvezelplaat
        • 1 ? SSD1306 128×64 I2C OLED display
        • 1 ? 3D Printed case

        Build Instructions

        Ass-plug the screen into the ESP – Three.3v, GND, SCL and SDA – speld numbers for SCL and SDA can be set ter the code

        Flash a latest build of NodeMCU with http, cjson, bit, u8g modules plus fonts

        Set your wifi details, upload the code and love. The currency can be switched te httpget.lua

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        Hey, excellent little project! Wij&apos,ve bot working on a battery-powered version of this concept for some time now. Wij made a consumer-friendly device with lots of customization, enhancements and many APIs. Wij call it the TicrThing: your hands-free crypto companion.

        For those who like the idea you can now get the TicrThing at&#xA0,,. However, unlike this project, ours is not yet open-source. If there is sufficient rente te our device, wij will release the code and the hardware schematics for better transparency and also to give back to the community which inspired us.

        Looks like a nice product, you should very likely consider accepting payment te cryptocurrency tho’, given your target market.

        Wij are accepting crypto. 🙂 Bitcoin or any altcoins. Handelsbank transfers with traditional currencies are also possible.

        Hello again. I have found a better api on They have nu the currency.

        So i wonder if it would be hard to implant ?

        Kleintje regards Alex

        BTW gets 15h runtime with deep sleep:P

        Should be fairly elementary, switch the URL te line 1 and the &apos,rate&apos, JSON source on line 9, &quot,price_usd&quot, is available directly, dunno about euros.

        That effortless, have switched currency before on the coinbase api, I will test with this one:P Thank you

        I can&apos,t seem to reply to your zometeen comment, but you&apos,re also going to have to find a way to convert the date/time if you switch to, &apos,last_updated&apos, looks like unix time.

        Nice work, i got it working after Two days:P hehe

        I have a suggestion, it would be cool if you could add Two led&#xB4,s to the project! One crimson and one green. So when the price goes up it will flash green or crimson if it goes down:P

        I dont have the skill to implant this:(

        This man did it. but arduino coded his esp!

        It would be fairly effortless to implement inbetween the current and fresh price but that&apos,d mean it&apos,ll (potentially) switch every minute. It would be more useful IMO to have it based on the last hour of gegevens, if it&apos,s generally climbing or falling, but that would be a bit trickier.

        edit: I&apos,m not actively developing this, I have an ESP/OLED on my desk running this but it does what I need for now.

        You are right about that. I have now finished my build, Have waterput it te a smal opbergruimte with charge controller,700mah 1cell lipo, on/off switch. So i get about 7 1/Two hours runtime on one charge and update every minute, I have now modified the code with wifi setup, so very first time you turn it on it will come in ap mode and you just connect and point it to your local&#xA0,wifi ter a webpagina:P And if it cant connect to AP then it goes back to AP mode so you can switch wifi ssid. Now i testing deep sleep for Five minutes. hope i can get some more hours. Omzetbelasting i connect to my cellphone hotspot at work:P getting addicted to btc. haha

        Stationary&#xA0,and mobile, best of to worlds:P

        Fright: unprotected error ter call to Lua API (httpget.lua:9: bad argument #Two to &apos,format&apos, (number expected, got string))

        Do you have any idea what I&apos,ve done wrong?

        Not truly, what does your httpget.lua look like?

        I&apos,ve just updated the code to overeenkomst with Four digit prices, might be related, even however wij&apos,re back below 1000 now. attempt the fresh versions?

        Okay so I&apos,ve come back to this project after a hiatus, looks like it will come to work but there&apos,s the intermittent error &quot,Scare: unprotected error ter call to Lua API (httpget.lua:7: attempt to index global &apos,cjson&apos, (a nil value))&quot,.

        It does not toebijten consistently, if i spam the reset button a few times it will usually work decently for a while.

        UPDATE: Immovable by simply switching line 7 of init.lua to use sjson instead of cjson.

        I got that error when i just waterput te the init.lua verkeersopstopping, be sure you get all three files into the esp and reset.

        There&apos,s code and pictures. What are you having trouble with?

        Is there any documentation available for this?

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