Crypto trading bot manual – C

Crypto trading bot manual - C

From the Embark Screen you can

– Login Into an exchange

– Expand/Collapse current running exchanges

– View C.A.T. Version Informatie

– View Current RAM Usage

Framework is Resizable from Utter Screen To Ondergrens Size

Press LOGIN Voorwerp on the Main Toolbar :

– Choose the webpagina you want to log-in to.

– Insert your private and public keys and press come in. If exchange needs the user-id a third textbox will show up.

– C.A.T. will verify your key and will attempt a call to the trading webpagina you’ve chosen.

No Third Party Server Will be everzwijn called by C.A.T.

If KeyPair is accepted you will get a Welcome Message. You can now close the login window, and the main trading GUI will show up.

Or you can also login into another exchange before closing the login window.

– C.A.T. will save your Public and Private Keys te a verkeersopstopping named Key.XML. This opstopping is located inwards the CAT System Directory.

– C.A.T. Root directory is “currentRunCATdirectory\CATSystem\

– Exchange Root directory is “currentRunCATdirectory\CATSystem\ExchangeName\

– Inwards the ExchangeName folder you will find thesis folders/files :

  • ExchangeLogs (You will find logs at Exchange level, API print, Errors etc…)
  • MarketLogs (You will find logs at Single Market level)
  • GainLogs (You will find logs about your Gains)
  • EXCHANGER.xml (Exchange Options)

– If thesis folders doesn’t exists, C.A.T. will create them.

– C.A.T. Will also create a Opstopping Named : CAT_Log_YYYY-MM-DD_HH_MM_DD.txt ter CATSystem folder

If an error not treated by C.A.T. will occur, it will be printed inwards this verkeersopstopping.

If verkeersopstopping will be empty during C.A.T. abandon routine, that verkeersopstopping will be deleted. Otherwise SEND Mij the opstopping and i will take a look

BTC Exchange Framework BTC

Exchange Framework will show up after a successfull login.

Activity From The Toolbar :

  • Save Open Markets Parameters/Current Orders or Both
  • Flow Markets Parameters/Restore Orders or Both
  • Uitgang Exchange
  • Open Markets List
  • Your Balances
  • Global Build up
  • General Statistics
  • General Console

– Markets Global Activity (Act chosen is sent to all open markets)

  • cancel/liquidate all zuigeling of orders/trades
  • embark/zekering/restart single processes
  • reset some value

– Other Market Activity :

  • Check Difference Inbetween Best Buy/Sell Orders on Each Open Markets
  • Sort Current Open Market/Utility Tabs
  • Close All Open Panels (for Markets Panel with Running Algorithms a confirmation message will show up)

– Execute A Utter Automatic Backup Every X Minutes. You can choose to save all your open markets parameter and orders ter automatic mode inwards the Folder &lt,EXCHANGE&gt,\AutoBackups every X Minutes.

– No More Than 1 Api Call Every X Milliseconds. Useful when you want to set a limit to the number of API Calls that will be performed by the CAT Api System during a certain amount of time.

This is very useful when your connection have problems and all markets are ter Lookup Status : when connection will terugwedstrijd active all pending request will be processed at the same time causing a possible flood to the exchange, you can avoid this behaviour using this option. Or you can use this option for exchanges who give limit like “No More than 60 calls / Minutes”. Ter that case you will set this option to 1000 Milliseconds and you won’t have any kerkban problems.

– Limit CAT Loom Elements to X : A CAT Loom Elements is a message composed by 1 or more lines. With this option any logs will have a maximum number of messages to be shown. When limit is reach old messages will be eliminated (FIFO queue). Market Loom Files on Disk (Te folder &lt,EXCHANGE&gt,\ExchangeLogs and &lt,EXCHANGE&gt,\MarketLogs) are not affected by this option. Set a Very high value could cause RAM saturation, suggested value is 100-300.

– Print Api Call Result to Api Console. Useful to print and look at Api responses. Usually used when a debug loom is needed

– Reproduce a Sound when a Ping-Pong is finish. You will hear a “dling-dling” sound for every ended ping-pong.

– Make a Postbode To URL When a Ping-Pong Is Ended. When this option is activated a Postbode Call will be performed and gegevens about ping-pong will be sent to a Surplus Pagina.

An useful rekenmachine that will help you to calculate the Buy/Sell Price According to the % Build up you wants to have

– Api Connection: Every API call, you will see a “red blink”. If connection drops, icon will switch from green to crimson.

BTC Markets List BTC

Markets are group by “Partner Currency” (BTC/USDT/XMR/ETH te the picture)

For any group you will have a tabulator where you can

– Blast Markets by pressing the “Get Markets Gegevens Button”

– Add some statistics calculation by check the “Load With Order/Trades Statistics” (this operation is longer than the normal market explosion process)

– Highlight market where you have a Market Currency balance &gt, 0 by check the “Highlight Markets with QTY Basketbal &gt, 0”

Thesis are the statistics calculated :

– % Difference is the price difference inbetween the Highest and Lowest trades overheen the last 24 hours.

– Sell Order/Buy Order is the numbers of orders presently open.

– Sell Trade/Buy Trade 24H is the number of trades finished te the last 24 hours.

You can sort this table te Ascending/Descending Order by clicking on the Katern Header

Dual Click On a Row will Open a fresh Tabulator for the selected Market.

You can open Numerous Markets at the same time using the CTRL (for single numerous select) or CTRL+CAPS (for numerous range select) and then RightClick-&gt,OpenMarket

BTC My Balances BTC

If you want to check your balances press the button “Load Balances”

Your Balances are highlighted te green. If Exchanges API comebacks the Held Values you will also see the HELD katern.

You can sort the table by Katern.

You Can Open A Market By Dual Click the Coin Name (A Popup Will Ask You wich markets you want to open)

You can Uitvoer Your Portfolio to CSV Format.

Estimated Portfolio Values are calculated this way : BTC Amount + Sum of All AltCurrency * LastMarketPrice

The photo shown is a what you’ll see after opening a Market using the Market List

There’s a dedicated tabulator for each open market.

Market Panel has a Toolbar with :

– Market Label (just information about market name)

– Two Dropdown List

  • The “Market Panels” Spijskaart containing all the Panel you can open/collapse.
  • The “Market Actions” Menukaart containing a set of deeds you can perform on your Algorithm/Order/Trade. This is very similar to the Activity Menukaart you can find on CAT Exchange Framework Toolbar

– an Algorithm Status label that helps you understand the Algorithm status

Market Panel have 6 Specific Panels

  • Generator & Parameters : Used to Create Orders/Edit The BuySell Pool and Set Up Your Algorithm
  • Orders & Trades: Used to monitor and edit all the current market structures
  • Logs: Where you can read what deeds/events are occuring while your algo is running. There’s also an Error Loom Tabulator that is very significant to check.
  • Status & Statistics Panel : There you can perform some reset activity and take a global look at some current/historical statistics
  • Gains : Where you can check/uitvoer all your gains
  • Market Explorer : Where you can geyser Your Order/Trades and Market Order/Trades. You can also use this panel to RESTORE your private orders

– The “Market Panels” Menukaart contains all the panel you can expand/collapse.

– The “Market Operations” Spijskaart containing a number of options which can be sent to the market :

  • Embark/Zekering the entire process
  • Zekering/Restart a single task (for example the Ping Order Creation Process)
  • Delete Orders (you have many options here about what kleintje of orders you wants to delete)
  • Eliminate Trades (no PONG will be created from the liquidated trades)
  • Reset some comulative value

Status Label Meanings :

– Wait (Green) : Algo Is Sleeping

– Lookup (Yellow) : Algo is checking for trades/order creation/order recreation, etc…

– Crimson (Zombie) : Market is inactive, no Buy/Sell Pool values, No Ping, No Pong, No Trades

– Zekering (Black) : Algo is not running

BTC Generator & Parameters BTC

This is where you create orders and update the Ping-Pong Algo. This is the most significant tabulator.

This panel has Two main panels :

The PING-PONG Generator Panel

Using this panel you can :

  • Create fresh Ping Orders (GUI will help you choose best price, qty and static/dynamic order type)
  • Update the buy/sell pool and let CAT create your pings for you (this is considered an advanced features so you vereiste very first fully understand how pool works)
  • Check Your Balance/Get Current Market Spread/Get a Suggested Buy/Sell Price
  • Check Market Thresholds : max/zoogmoeder quantity,prices,total and number of digits for the specific market.

Order Creator Usage Example :

Press the Check Status & Validate Price Button if you want to get :

– Your Primary/Secondary Currency Balances

– The % difference inbetween the Lowest Sell Price & the Highest Buy Price

– A suggestion about the price to embark a Sell/Buy Orders (according to the algo parameter you have set).

Create/Add User Ping Orders.

– Choose Type+Price+Quantity+Mode(Static/Dynamic) and press ADD PING ORDER (repeat for each order you want to create)

– Press the CREATE ORDERS button and C.A.T will create fresh orders.

During Ping-Pong Running

– You can Update All Your Ping-Pong Parameters by pressing the Update Ping-Pong Parameter Button.

– You can add Fresh Ping Orders (Add Fresh Ping Orders Button).

Buy/Sell Pool Edit Example :

The value you voorwaarde insert is a TOTAL Value (QTY * PRICE) te other words is a value voiced spil Fucking partner CURRENCY

You press the “New Values Preview” to take a look at how CAT will create your orders. That is only a preview based on current market values. All your limit/filters are not considered

The PING-PONG Parameters panel, where you can set all the Ping-Pong Algo Parameters attributes.

Panel is composed by few tabs, that lets you modify Ping-Pong algorithm paramers.

When you want to UPDATE the current running Algorithm, you vereiste press the UPDATE CURRENT PING-PONG PARAMETERS

Choose a immovable price for Buy/Sell and C.A.T. will always Buy/Sell at thesis prices, without any adjustment.

Minus % Ensured Build up. Is the minimal % of Build up you want assured from C.A.T. after a Buy-Sell/Sell-Buy operation. If this percentage is not assured, C.A.T. will wait. Default Value is Exchange Buy Fees + Sell Fees + 0.1%

Create Ping Orders Only If Market Spread % Is &gt, X : With this option Checked, C.A.T. will create fresh Ping Orders (From the Buy/Sell Pool) only if the current % Spread Inbetween best market prices is &gt, X

Don’t create ping with total &lt, Than : After a successfull Ping-Pong the total amount of this order will be waterput te the “Buy/Sell Pool” and from the “Buy/Sell Pool” fresh sell/buy orders will be created. With this option activated you will limit the creation of “little orders”. If the total ter the “Buy/Sell Pool” is &lt, than this parameter, then C.A.T. will wait.

Always Create Pong Orders From Trade : C.A.T., by default, attempts to create your Pong Order on top of the sell/buy book order. If this is not possible (there’s no % Build up Assured) C.A.T. will retry straks. With this option activated, C.A.T. will calculate the ondergrens price (TradePrice +/- %GAIN) and will create the order Inwards the Order Book.

Avoid Instant Price Match Order Book : with this option you will never buy/sell directly (your Price directly match an active order). If a Price Match Occurs CAT will recalculate the price adding/subtracting a single market price unit.

Check To Not Buy/Sell To Yourself : When you have Buy and Sell orders at the same time, after the price calculation, C.A.T. will check to not buy or sell to yourself. BUT ter markets with 1 Satoshi difference inbetween best buy/sell price, you voorwaarde eliminate this option.

Attempt to Stay Alone on Top Orders Book : With this options C.A.T. will always attempt to create your orders ter the best position and alone with others orders

When CAT blast orders it explosions the total order book. Then all calculation will be performed according to the best prices and order values.

If you want to DISCARD some order during MarketOrder API Call you can set Four discard thresholds here. Two For Buy Book and Two For Sell Book

A Limit could work on QTY (when you want to set a limit for the Market Currency) or on TOTAL (Qty X Price) When you want to set a limit for Fucking partner Currency)

You can press the Preview Button to understand how CAT will eliminate orders and if you decheck the option “Remove Filtered Orders From Preview” you’ll be able to understand the reason about eliminate act.

Don’t Leave behind that FILTERS is the very first activity CAT Perform before any other calculation

Normal Mode – Limit Rules

Anytime an order is created, last price statistics are update.

Your order have Two Attributes : Ping/Pong Type and Buy/Sell Type

CAT actually is able to manage LAST SellPrice/SellPingPrice/SellPongPrice/BuyPrice/BuyPingPrice/BuyPongPrice

So you can create thresholds according to thesis values. But you can also create thresholds using static values.

Te this panel you have Two Editor : one for the static rules and another for the Dynamic rules.

After a rule is added you will be able to read the description te the LIMIT List.

You can now Edit/Eliminate rules.

To Edit a Rules dual click on the rule, then confirm/discard updates by pressing the OK Button or Cancel Button.

Normal Mode – Pong Zekering Loss Rules

Very similar ter usage spil the LIMIT Panel, you can add Zekering LOSS RULES for PONG Orders

Zekering Loss Rules could be on both sides : “Sell All” and “Buy All”.

Rule could be STATIC or DYNAMIC

The Static rule is based on current market price, so the limit will be triggered if the Market Value will match the limit.

The Dynamic rules are based on the % SPREAD inbetween the REFERENCE PRICE (The Ping Trade Price that generate the PONG) and the current market price. Suggestion is to set values &lt, -10% (-15,-20 etc..)

Zekering Loss Act will be executed at current matching market price.

Ping Pong Buy/Sell Pool Options

The buy sell pool is the structure where fresh PING are calculated.

Values are updates te Two ways

– User Edit The Values

– A Ping-Pong is finished and the Pong trade total value is waterput inwards the Buy/Sell Pool

– Values are usually voiced spil &lt,PrimaryCurrency&gt, (Primary Currency is the Currency that you use to express the PRICE, usually is BTC)

Only the ADDING OPTION (% AND FIX) are voiced spil QTY from user side (and converted into PrimaryCurrency by CAT)

Limit Buy/Sell Pool Max &lt,PrimaryCurrency&gt, Value to : If this value is reached fresh adding values will be discarded.

Reuse % of total Pong Trade into Buy/Sell Pool : with this option active, only the % of the total (Qty*Price = PrimaryCurrency Value) of a Pong Trade will be reused into the buy/sell Pool.

Never Create Ping With quantity &gt,/&lt, X : by Default CAT attempt to use 100% of your total buy/sell pool to create fresh orders. With this option activated you can limit the total Quantity of a single fresh ping-order.

Add % &lt,Currency&gt, Amount into &lt,Buy&gt,/&lt,Sell&gt, Pool Every Pool Lookup : This option will directly take a % Amount from your portfolio. % Is always calculated on QTY

% QTY calculated for MarketCurrency will be converted to PrimaryCurrency using current Market Values.

Add FIX &lt,Currency&gt, Amount into &lt,Buy&gt,/&lt,Sell&gt, Pool Every Pool Lookup : Like the option “ADD %” but using a Immovable Value. Values are voiced spil QTY

FIX QTY calculated for MarketCurrency will be converted to PrimaryCurrency using current Market Values.

Zekering Ping Creation If Sell Value Is &gt, : You can determine to Zekering the Ping Order Creation if the Current Best Sell Value is too high. C.A.T. will restart Ping Order Creation if the Best Sell value comes back to lower than your specified parameter.

Zekering Ping Creation If Buy Value Is &lt, : You can determine to Zekering the Ping Order Creation if the Current Best Buy Value if too low. C.A.T. will restart Ping Order Creation when the Best Buy value comes back to higher than your specified parameter.

Zekering Ping Creation after X Ping-Pong Ended : when number of ping-pong finished will reach X, ping creation will be stoppe.

Zekering Ping Creation if Number of Active Orders &gt, X : if the number of your active orders on that market is &gt, X then ping creation will be stopped.

Zekering Ping Creation if Total Orders Amount is &gt, X : If total sum of orders amount (qty x price) will be &gt, X ping creation will be stopped.

Set Pool Value Amount to 0 if current amount is &lt, X : This option is used to clear the market pool if value inwards is too petite. This option is set by default with Total Minteken Market Amount permitted (Qty x Price)

If Needed Adequate fresh Ping Pool Order to Minteken Total (Qty x Price) : Beginning from the Current Pool value, CAT could calculate an order where the total Amount is under the minus amount permitted by the exchange. With this option activated you will force CAT to reach the Minteken Amount Permitted adding some Qty to the Order. With this option, if you trade with 100% of your amount there’s an high risk to get a NO FUNDS Error from Exchange.

If Pool Values &gt, Available Amount then Adequate Pool Values to Available Amount : Spil the option say, if pool value is overheen your available amount you can update it to your real available amount.

Ping Pong Dust Elements

It could happens that Partially packed orders and MicroTrades will be too petite.

Ter some cases are too puny from the user point of view (strategy), te some other cases are too petite to permits CAT recreate them or create an order from them (Ter case of Trade Overheen Ping).

Usually CAT attempt to adequate the order to the mimimum values permitted by the exchange. But this behaviour could be switched using thesis options.

Ping Order is Dust if QTY is &lt, X : A Ping order will be flagged spil “Dust” if his current QTY is &lt, X

Ping Trades is Dust if QTY is &lt, X : A Trade from Ping will be flagged spil “Dust” if his QTY is &lt, X

Ping Trades is Dust if TOTAL (qty x Price) is &lt, Zoogmoeder Total Market Orders (Qty x Price) : Zoogmoeder Total Market Orders is the Zoogmoeder Value permitted by a Market (usually it’s an Exchange rule) to create an order. This means that if a Trade is under that value, C.A.T. will need to adequate the Trade to that ondergrens value to create a Pong Order. With this option activated you will consider the trade Spil Dust

Dust Elements are Discarded/Waterput Into BuySell Pool : with this option you determine what to do with a dust factor.

Ping Pong Running Option

Exec a Lookup routine every X sec. : you can switch this value to make C.A.T. lookup swifter/slower than default value. Be careful with this value because some exchanges performs an ip-ban if too much calls happens te little time.

Exec an order recalculation routine very x Lookup : with this option you can choose how many lookups voorwaarde be performed before an order recalculation routine.

Check Buy/Sell Pool every x Lookup : with this option you can choose how many lookups vereiste be performed before a Buy/Sell Pool check

Run Algorithm For XX Minutes and then comeback all to &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt,/&lt,MarketCurrency&gt, : With this option, C.A.T. will run normally for the numbers of minutes set by user, then it will zekering creating Buy/Sell Ping Orders

When Convert All To &lt,MarketCurrency&gt, is Active delete Sell Ping : When Comeback TO &lt,MarketCurrency&gt, is triggered, you can choose to delete the PING SELL.

When Convert All To &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt, is Active delete Buy Ping : When Terugwedstrijd TO &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt, is triggered, you can choose to delete the PING BUY.

Ping Pong Advanced Options

If Necessary, Adequate Order to Minteken Total (Qty*Price) : when option is active (by default is active) if the min-total value of an order is not reached (the Exchange will discard the fresh order request) CAT will adeguate the quantity to reach the ondergrens value to create an order.

If Calculate Order QTY &gt, Available QTY Then use all available QTY : Sometimes the Order QTY calculated/recalculated is higher than the QTY Available into Portfolio. With this option activated you will use the Available QTY instead of accept the order creation request failure.

Merge Equals Order/Trades into a fresh one : when option is active, if there are Two or more equal orders/trades (same price, buy/sell type, ping/pong type) CAT will merge them into a fresh one.

Never Recalculate Orders QTY during recalculation routine : By default C.A.T. use the TOTAL (QtyXPrice) original Amount to redetermine the fresh QTY after a fresh Price is Calculated. With this option you will have always the Same QTY even if Price will switch.

FEES are calculate by CAT This way :

Qty x Price = Total (Fucking partner Currency) – %FEES Overheen Toal = Available For Pong (If Trade is Ping) / Available For Buy/Sell Pool (If Trade Is Pong)

Then if PONG Order is a SELL, C.A.T. will also calculate the fees voiced spil Qty. And that Qty will be the Available Amount to create the PONG.

Subtract Fees From Ping Trade Buy Qty before creating Pong Sell : Some exchanges liquidate fees from your &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt, so if you want to use 100% QTY without liquidate fees (and use 100% bought qty) you vereiste decheck this option. But Take care about the way exchange gets your fees from a buy trade.

Subtract Fees From Ping Trade Sell Total (Qty x Price) before creating Pong Buy : Sell Fees are always deduct from &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt, so this is a normal option. Decheck this option only if you don’t trade with 100% Amount and you won’t consider FEES

Subtract All Buy/Sell Pool Current Values while considering available amounts : API for Balances doesn’t know nothing about the values into the buy/sell pool, but on CAT side that coins should be used spil soon spil possible. With this option active, CAT will subtract the buy/sell pool values during calculation of Available Amount.

Reduce orders to restore Qty by % before a creation retry : Usually when you have an order to restore, there’s something that goes wrong during an order creation. Sometimes is a improvised problem, and sometimes you don’t have enough funds (usually due to some fees rounding). With this option you can attempt to reduce the total amount before a fresh order creation call.

Consider X% of your real &lt,Market&gt,/&lt,Fucking partner&gt, Currency : If you want to hide a percentage of amount from CAT view, you can simply switch this value to a little value, for example 90%. CAT will discard the other 10%. This could be useful to let some amount for CAT rounding routines. Sometimes use 100% of available amount could be risky when micro orders and micro trades comes te play.

Ping Pong Current Parameters

You can always take a look at the current parameters from the CURRENT Tabulator

BTC Order & Trades BTC

Orders To Restore : If an order creation will fail (after a delete/recreate routine) C.A.T. will waterput the order creation request inwards this tabulator. Creation will be retried ter the next lookup.

Ping Orders : Ping Orders are the orders created from the GUI by the users or the automatic orders created from the Buy/Sell Pool

Trades From Ping : From here fresh Pong Orders will be created.

Pong Orders : Pong Orders are created from Trades. When a Pong Order is finished you will have a Build up.

With a Right Click on a single Factor you could :

– Recreate/Delete An Order.

– Re-Set/Delete gegevens of an “Order To Restore”.

Thesis deeds are not taken immediatedly, but te the next lookup. So you have time to switch your mind.

Here you can find Two TABS : Market Loom and Error Loom

Market Loom it’s a very significant tabulator

All the act taken by CAT are described inwards Loom.

Different colors are used to help user read the various deeds performed by all the internal CAT Processes.

Loom display only an amount of record according to the CAT Parameter “LIMIT CAT Loom ELEMENTS TO”.

But the utter loom verkeersopstopping is written te : CATROOT\CATSystem\&lt,EXCHANGE_NAME&gt,\MarketLogs\&lt,MARKET_NAME&gt,_GENERAL_LOG_&lt,TIMESTAMP&gt,.TXT

When an error/problem occurs, you can find the loom into the Error Loom.

BTC Status & Statistics BTC

This is only a statistics/informatie panel. NO Activity could be taken by the user.

With the Panel on The Left You can Check

General Status : informatie about starts time, running time and last user prices.

Processes Status : informatie about CAT algorithms (Ping Creation, Pong Creation, Main Process)

General Statistics : Sum of current/historical orders/trades values/types

With the Panel On The Right You can Check

Buy/Sell Pool Values

All Values are voiced spil CURRENT and CUMULATIVE

This is only a statistics/informatie panel.

Here you can have a look at every market’s Ping-Pong ended Cycle.

You will have all the informatie about PING – PONG and Final Build up Voiced spil % and PARTNER-CURRENCY

You will also have a comulative Build up (Previous Build up + Current Build up)

Build up are Also Written te : CATROOT\CATSystem\&lt,EXCHANGE_NAME&gt,\GainLogs\&lt,MARKET_NAME&gt,_GAIN_&lt,TIMESTAMP&gt,.TXT

BTC Market Explorer Tabulator BTC

If you want to have a look at the current market status press the “Refresh Status Button” and wait some seconds.

This is the information displayed

– The market’s current orders

– Your current orders

– The market’s last finished trades

– Your last ended trade

With a right click on one or more (for numerous selection press the CTRL button) orders, you can open a RESTORE function.

From the restore fuction you voorwaarde choose the order type (Ping or Pong) and ter the case of a PONG you vereiste set the Reference Price.

BTC Restore Orders BTC

The Prerequisite to restore an orders is that the order vereiste be active on the Exchange.

There are Two ways to restore an orders :

1 – Verkeersopstopping -&gt, Stream Orders (you need to explosion the XML Verkeersopstopping previously saved with Verkeersopstopping -&gt, Save Open Markets Current Orders)

Then you’ll need to choose what to do

A – Restore All Orders And Open Needed Markets : this means that C.A.T. will open all the markets where there’s an order to restore.

B – Ask Mij for any Restore : C.A.T. will ask you for any market if you wants to restore the orders.

C – Restore Order If Market is Actually Open : You need very first to open by hand the markets, then only orders associated with open markets will be restored.

Two – From Single Market Panel -&gt, Market Explorer -&gt, Refresh Status -&gt, MyCurrent Buy/Sell Order Table -&gt, Choose Orders (you can use the CTRL button to numerous selection) -&gt, Right Click -&gt, Restore

The same window will emerge :

Here you can see

– A Tabulator for Any Markets (Orders to restore are grouped by market ID)

– Inwards any tabulator a little panel for any order to restore

– A set of button to apply switches properties to all orders (All Pong/All Buy/All Static/All Dynamic)

– A Button to restore all orders (and embark algorithms on markets if they are not running)

Ter a Single Order To Restore Panel you can get/set informatie

– The Panel Border could have Three colors

  • Green : order is matched on the Exchange (you can restore the order)
  • Yellow : order is matched on the exchange but QTY is switched (you can restore the order)
  • Crimson : order is no more active (you can’t restore that order)

– Status : is the description of what happens during “input orders vs exchange orders matching research algo”

– A combobox to set Ping/Pong Type

– A Textbox to set the reference price if order type is a Pong

– A Type Combo to set order spil Static/Dynamic type

BTC Global Build up BTC

You Can Reach Global Build up Panel From the Exchange Toolbar -&gt, Instrumentenbord -&gt, GLOBAL Build up

Global Build up is very similar to Market Build up, but is at Exchange Level.

CAT is able to recognize all the PartnerCurrency from the Market List.

For Any PartnerCurrency a Tabulator will be Added to the Market Global Build up Panel (Ter the Example BTC and USD)

When a Build up is added to the Market Build up Panel, it will be also added to the &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt, Tabulator at Global Market Build up.

Te other words all the BTC Build up will be waterput into the Tabulator BTC

There’s a fresh Attribute here : Total Comulative Build up that is the sum of all Market Comulative Build up.

You can Uitvoer this table to CSV Opstopping.

BTC General Statistics BTC

You Can Reach General Statistics Panel From the Exchange Toolbar -&gt, Instrumentenbord -&gt, STATISTICS

Very similar to the Status And Statistics Market Panel (You can take a look at the current/comulative values of all markets at &lt,PartnerCurrency&gt, level, te other words all the BTC/USD/XMR etc Current Values/Comulative Values)

There’s another panel (shown ter the picture) that showcase you the number of ping-pong ended.

BTC General Console BTC

You Can Reach General Console Panel From the Exchange Toolbar -&gt, Instrumentenbord -&gt, GENERAL CONSOLE

Here you can find Two Logs

– General Exchange Loom : where various messages could be printed

– Api : where API Results will be printed (if Print Option is active) but you can also find error occurs inwards the CAT API System.

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