Bitcoin (BTC) Calendar – Upcoming Events

Bitcoin (BTC) Calendar - Upcoming Events

Bitcoin upcoming events:

  • 20 Jun &mdash, Crypto Valley Conference te Zug

Bitcoin past events:

  • Trio Apr &mdash, CME Bitcoin Futures Very first Trade Date
  • 29 Mar &mdash, CME Bitcoin Futures Expiration
  • 28 Mar &mdash, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference ter Tel Aviv
  • 27 Mar &mdash, Crypto ICO Summit 2018 ter Zurich
  • Two Mar &mdash, ZCL&BTC Fork and BTCP Mainnet Launch
  • 1 Mar &mdash, Crypto Virtual Summit
  • 28 Feb &mdash, CME Group BTC Future Settlement Date
  • 28 Feb &mdash, Snapshot ZLC and BTC for Bitcoin Private Hardfork
  • 23 Feb &mdash, CME Bitcoin Futures Expiration
  • Four Feb &mdash, Counterparty.Metselspecie (XCPC) Hard Fork
  • 26 Jan &mdash, CME Bitcoin Futures Expiration
  • Eighteen Jan &mdash, The North American Bitcoin Conference ter Miami
  • 11 Jan &mdash, DMM Bitcoin Exchange Listing
  • Ten Jan &mdash, BitCoin Rhodium Snapshot
  • 31 Dec &mdash, Bitcoin Uranium Hadr Fork
  • 31 Dec &mdash, Bitcoin Ore Hard Fork
  • 28 Dec &mdash, Segwit2x (B2X) Hard Fork
  • 26 Dec &mdash, Bitcoin Top (BTT) Fork occurs
  • 25 Dec &mdash, Bitcoin Aker (Schepper) Hard Fork
  • 23 Dec &mdash, Bitcoin Platinum Hard Fork
  • 23 Dec &mdash, Lightning Bitcoin Hard Fork
  • Legitimate Dec &mdash, CME Starts Bitcoin Futures Trading
  • 17 Dec &mdash, Block Trades on CBOE
  • 17 Dec &mdash, Super Bitcoin Hard Fork
  • 12 Dec &mdash, Bitcoin Platinum Hard Fork
  • Ten Dec &mdash, CBOE Starts Bitcoin Futures Trading
  • 25 Nov &mdash, Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin Conference ter Riga

Today’s events (11 Apr):

  • (CFI) &mdash, European Blockchain Summit 2018 ter Brdo
  • LATOKEN (Schuiflade) &mdash, Insights for ICOs Webinar
  • SolarCoin (SLR) &mdash, Webinar
  • Swings (Sways) &mdash, Swings Bday Conference ter Moscow
  • Peculium (PCL) &mdash, Webinar
  • Ethereum (ETH) &mdash, European Blockchain Summit 2018 ter Brdo
  • SIRIN LABS Token (SRN) &mdash, Insights for ICOs Webinar
  • Dragonchain (DRGN) &mdash, Meetup ter SeattleShow all events (7)

Tomorrow’s events (12 Apr):

  • Power Ledger (POWR) &mdash, Inspiring.Leader Summit te Pyrmont
  • SolarCoin (SLR) &mdash, Webinar
  • Lympo (LYM) &mdash, Startup Camp 2018 ter Berlin
  • Veros (VRS) &mdash, Q&A on Twitter
  • Unikoin Gold (UKG) &mdash, Gifangel Summit of the Americas ter Cancun
  • Peculium (PCL) &mdash, Webinar
  • Ark (ARK) &mdash, Open Geneva Festival
  • Matrix AI Network (MAN) &mdash, Strategic Partnership Conference te SingaporeShow all events (13)
  • Stratis (STRAT) &mdash, Blockchain Delhi 2018 Conference
  • ETHLend (LEND) &mdash, Blockchain Delhi 2018 Conference
  • Cappasity (CAPP) &mdash, Verzekeringspremie Airdrop
  • Block Array (ARY) &mdash, Test Network V2 Release
  • BLUE (BLUE) &mdash, Whitepaper and Roadmap Update
  • Veros (VRS) &mdash, Q&A

(Tomorrow events every day)

(Twitter with event announcements)

Feel free to add your coin or token events to calendar. It’s free, no registration required. Your events will be published after moderation (about several hours).

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