2013, Mr Robot – s Ditzy Ramblings

2013, Mr Robot - s Silly Ramblings

Sometimes, I need to postbode things that are too big for Twitter…

I created some RPMs for CGMiner on RHEL6(CentOS and Scientific also) for CGMiner that one is compiled for the ButterflyLabs ASIC and one for the USB ASIC Erupter(Icarus). I have tested both of thesis spil working. You can grab the RPMS at the below URL. I can build Fedora RPMS if people are interested.

Below is a guide to get cgminer compiled and working on Fedora Nineteen with scrypt using the AMD Catalyst and OpenCL drivers.

Very first, you will need to enable the RPMFusion Repo for the AMD Catalyst drivers.

Then, you will need to yum install the AMD Catalyst driver and some other needed libraries.

You should reboot after installing the AMD binary drivers and then run the following guideline if you have numerous amd cards to get them into the Xorg config.

You will want to reload X or reboot after running that instruction to blast the switches.

Then use the below instructions to install it.

The installer now creates files ter /etc/ld.so.conf.d to blast the libraries. I think you may be able to trigger this with the ldconfig directive, but a reboot undoubtedly reloads it.

Then ter the same directory where you downloaded the ADL_SDK zip verkeersopstopping, run the below directives:

Now, you should have cgminer installed and ready to run using your AMD videocard. Run the below instruction to test that it sees your videocard and everything.

If you are running this overheen SSH, you may need to uitvoer the display spil part of the instruction.

Yay, the good folks making Fedora have ultimately included the DVB modules te the kernel-devel package. This makes things a loterijlot lighter for crafting RPMs since I no longer have to download the utter kernel source and compile against it.

Anyways, I have created a yum repo for both the binary and source RPMS for thesis. I would love for somebody to test thesis out and let mij know if things work or not for them. I created newer hdhomerun and hdhomerun-devel packages than what is already te the Fedora repos. They are created from today’s CVS.

And the SRPMS are here:

My hosting company got pwned and lost my entire VM about a week after I just happened to reinstall the desktop that I built all the RPMs on, so I lost my RPMS, Spec files, and SRPMS. I might attempt to rebuild everything te a duo of weeks after Fedora Nineteen comes out…

I’m working on building a repository so that people can get wallets and mining going lightly on Fedora Legal and eventually RHEL/Cent/SL. Right now, I am mostly working on building the wallets for all the coins(both the daemon and the qt clients). Here is a verbinding to the webpagina that has a list of what I wasgoed working from. I am building all of them from the git repos with the date of the clone spil the version number te the RPM. Below is a list of the ones I have finished. Please postbode any extra coins that you would like to see RPMS built for.

Anyways, here is what you need to dump into /etc/yum.repos.d/coins.repo to install any of thesis wallets. If anybody wants, I can waterput the scripts and spec files out te the repo to look at spil well.

Very first, you need to install the Nvidia binary drivers from RPMFusion. The below instructions should treat that:

Then, you need to download and install the CUDA software from https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads

Install with the following guideline:

Accept the license, response n to installing the driver, y to the Toolkit, and y to Samples, I left installation paths at default.

Create a verkeersopstopping /etc/ld.so.conf.d/cuda.conf that contains the below two lines:

Download the latest source for cgminer and compile with the following guideline below:

That should get you to the point of having cgminer compiled for Nvidia on Fedora Legal. Feel free to postbode comments/corrections.

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